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Radio professionals and industry experts staff North American Network. We're all excellent resources for any radio PR project
or question.

North American Network, Inc.
5335 Wisconsin Avenue NW #440
Washington, D.C.  20015
Phone: 202/243-0592
Fax: 202/243-0594
General e-mail: [email protected]

Your Radio PR Team:

Leadership / Sales and Marketing
Tom Sweeney, Chief Client Advocate
[email protected] or ext. 658
Tammy Lemley, Vice President
[email protected] or ext. 650

Operations / Station Services
Sherry Jones, Director of Station Services
[email protected] or ext. 665
Ryan McKenna, New Media and Client Services Manager
[email protected] or ext. 659
Bob Tebo, Senior Producer and Consumer Radio Network Manager
[email protected] or ext. 668
Eric Jon Magnuson, Production Manager and Webmaster
[email protected] or ext. 664
June Thornton, Publicist
[email protected] or ext. 662

Finance and Administration
Tom Kajubi, Director of Finance and Administration
[email protected] or ext. 641

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Phone: 202/243-0592 | Fax: 202/243-0594 | General e-mail: [email protected]