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January 20, 2004 CONTACT: Joe Balintfy, Communications Director
(301) 654-9810, ext. 106


Seattle, Washington – At this year’s National Governors Association (NGA) annual meeting, North American Network, Inc. recorded radio sound bites from 28 U.S. governors, plus Tom Ridge, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. North American Network interviewed and recorded governors to distribute local-interest news to
those governors’ home states. A total of 693 radio stations and networks were called and pitched a direct feed; governors’ sound bites were also posted on North American Network’s website,, almost instantly.

“Our team planned ahead and diligently – and politely – got one-on-one time with over two dozen important state leaders,” says Bill Polglase, Client Services Manager at North American Network. “We also used some cutting-edge technology to transmit the audio across the country.” Three North American Network reporters went to cover the meeting for the NGA July16-19, 2004. By Sunday, over half the governors were already recorded with the remaining recorded on
Monday. Pitch calls from the Bethesda office were started Monday, and completed Tuesday, the day the meeting adjourned.
North American Network is the national, award-winning radio communications group that specializes in getting messages on the news and in the programming of radio stations and networks on
behalf of organizations. Since 1985, the Bethesda, Maryland-based firm has been providing services for corporations, associations, public relations firms and government agencies in the form of radio media
tours, audio news releases, consumer features, public service announcements, actuality news lines and Internet services.

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