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North American Network, Inc. is an award-winning professional, independently owned and operated radio broadcasting agency located in Washington, D.C. We work with organizations to help communicate their messages within the news and programming environments of radio broadcasts. Working exclusively in the radio media, we are trusted by an array of corporations, associations, government agencies and public relations firms to harness the unique opportunities and value that this medium provides.

We are in the business of providing our clients with maximum exposure on radio, and providing radio stations and networks with quality content. Our company is driven by the evolving needs of our clients, as well as the needs of the stations. We constantly evaluate and build synergies between radio stations and organizations in order to harness radio's power to communicate.  As a client-focused firm, we recognize that each client has specific needs.  We work to customize our services to meet the individual requirements of each client. Our ultimate objective is to develop a media plan, which will increase our clients' exposure, sharpen their image and increase the public's awareness of their message.

North American Network takes advantage of the latest technologies to provide stations with the highest quality audio, yet at the same time does not overlook the personal relationships we have worked so hard to build over the years. Our services have been crafted in order to effectively promote issues, products and policies. Years of experience in providing radio news content has given us the ability to take an idea, match it with the proper radio technique, and develop it to its full potential in order to maximize its impact.

Clients enjoy the benefit of our focus on 15,000+ radio outlets and our 25 years of service meeting the progressing needs of organizations and radio stations. Our skill and commitment is reflected in the numerous awards we have won both in the public relations industry and as a radio content provider.

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