Case Studies

Business and Technology

National networks like Bloomberg, Business News Network and American
Urban Radio Network were tickled with the idea of “tax efficiency.” A
RadioTour allowed a Prudential spokesperson to inform listeners of ways
to manage their finances and ease the short- and long-term sting of taxes.

Reach: 13 interviews, 365 airings, 1.7 million gross impressions.

Timed perfectly with National Small Business Week, MasterCard’s
ConsumerFeature reported on “Business Savings Programs” for small

Reach: 1,900 airings, 460 radio outlets, 4.9 million gross impressions.

American Council of Life Insurers
The ACLI talked to people and politicians through a RadioTour and
NewsFeed. They highlighted legislation that would allow for bigger
contributions to IRAs.

Reach: 44 RadioTour interviews and 250 NewsFeed contacts for 1.4 million gross impressions.

America Online
To get information out fast, AOL’s Daybreak Fax, containing information
on the AOL/Roper Starch Cyberstudy, arrived on over 1,000 radionewsroom
fax machines within hours of the study’s completion. Potential

Reach: 1.8 million gross impressions.

Winstar Communications
Combining technology and philanthropy, Winstar’s RadioTour celebrated
the second anniversary of the creation and cyber-launch of the online
memorial to Vietnam Veterans,

Reach: 13 interviews, 4.8 million gross impressions.

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