Environment, Animals & Pets Calendar

Here’s a month-by-month listing of events
(from Chase's Calendar of Events).

Contact us for specific dates and more information on events
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January - National Environmental Policy Act Anniversary, Walk Your Pet Month, 55-MPH Speed Limit 30th Anniversary, Wilderness Wildlife Week of Nature

February - National Bird Feeding Month, Endangered Species Act Anniversary, Halfway Point of Winter, Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, Darwin Day, Spay Day USA

March - National Pig Day, National Week of the Ocean Festival Season, National Professional Pet Sitters Week, National Animal Poison Prevention Week, Save the Florida Panther Day, Spring Begins, International Day of the Seal

April - National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month, World Habitat Awareness Month, National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, Pet Owners Independence Day, National Wildlife Week, Earth Day, National Arbor Day

May - Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month, National Rivers Month, National Rose Month, Hug Your Cat Day, World Environment Day, Summer Beings, Take Your Dog to Work Day

June - National Recreation and Parks Month, Dog Days, Shark Awareness Day, Mutts Day

July - National Recreation and Parks Month, Dog Days, Shark Awareness Day, Mutts Day

August - National Homeless Animals Day and Candlelight Vigils

September - Greenpeace Founded, International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, International Coastal Cleanup, National Dog Week, National Farm Animals Awareness Week, Autumn Begins, Elephant Appreciation Day, Family Farm Day, Harvest Moon

October - Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month, National Animal Safety and Protection Month, World Farm Animals Day, Squirrel Awareness Week, World Habitat Day, Reptile Awareness Day, National Forest Products Week, World Rainforest Week, Water Pollution Control Act Anniversary

November - America Recycles Day, Turkey-Free Thanksgiving

December - Universal Human Rights Month, Tolerance Week, Day of the Horse, Winter Begins










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