Case Studies

Consumer Information

U.S. Postal Service
To educate and inform Americans about topics like identity theft, tax-day
preparations, and the NetPost CardStore, a series of ConsumerFeatures
helped the U.S. Postal Service get coverage on more than 1,200 radio

Reach: over 2,000 airings and 5 million gross impressions.

American Council of Life Insurers
ACLI’s advice-oriented ConsumerFeature reported that “once is not
enough” for an annual fiscal-fitness exam. One Boston station echoed that
theme, airing the feature 42 times as a PSA.

Reach: 1,900 airings, 4.9 million gross impressions.

Anheuser Busch
As part of National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, this Daybreak
Fax educated listeners about how American colleges are making great
progress in reducing irresponsible drinking by students.

Reach: 1,200 contacts, 760 potential airings and 1.6 million potential gross impressions.

Timed perfectly with National Small Business Week, MasterCard’s
ConsumerFeature reported on “Business Savings Programs” for small

Reach: 1,900 airings, 460 radio outlets, 4.9 million gross impressions.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
A radio PSA (public service announcement) about protecting babies and
preventing SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) with folksinger Tom
Paxton – who wrote and performed the original lullaby – was a hit for the

Reach: 3,000 outlets and over 46 million gross impressions.

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