A radio series is a regularly broadcast program. Through our Consumer Radio Network division, North American Network produces and distributes Consumer Features — 60-second news features that contain information on industry trends, product safety, product announcements and consumer protection issues. Every month ConsumerFeatures are distributed nationwide via CD, Satellite and the web. Hundreds of radio stations as well as networks routinely air ConsumerFeatures, which typically reach millions of listeners.

Consider these facts about our ConsumerFeature service:

  • NEW! Each ConsumerFeature is posted as a podcast at and listed with iTunes!
  • Your message reaches consumers in most of the Top 100 Markets across the country
  • Arbitron-rated Gross Impressions range from 1.5 million to 8 million or more!
  • Features include soundbites from a spokesperson in your organization, giving your message authenticity
  • You can add an 800 number or your web site address so interested listeners can get more information
  • We have long-standing relationships with radio stations that look forward to receiving and airing our well-produced consumer series each month
  • Radio stations can use the features endless times, since they have broadcast-ready reports on a CD right there in their hands - most features
    air in public affairs programs, newscasts, or as PSAs
  • The monthly program format allows organizations to produce features to coincide with calendar-specific days, weeks and
    months - American Heart Month, National Small Business Week, Mother's Day, etc.

The ConsumerFeature service includes scripting and audio production of a 60-second report, station and network targeting, distribution, broadcast tracking, and a Broadcast Usage Report.

In addition to the regular monthly programming, we highlight the April and October series as the headline ConsumerFeature series. The April and October series, traditionally our two largest distributions, continue to have a much greater station and network reach.

Hear a sample! (MP3 Format)
At least once a year the American Academy of Ophthalmology has utilized a ConsumerFeature to publicize eye safety and checkups.

For more examples, see our Case Studies.

ConsumerFeatures are a good way to reach national audiences in a timely manner. Check out the Consumer Radio Network Distribution Schedule to see details of the next ConsumerFeature series.

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