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Radio professionals and industry experts staff North American Network. We're all excellent resources for any radio PR project
or question.

North American Network, Inc.
5335 Wisconsin Avenue NW #440
Washington, D.C.  20015
Phone: 202/243-0592
Fax: 202/243-0594
General e-mail:

Your Radio PR Team:

Leadership / Sales and Marketing
Tom Sweeney, Chief Client Advocate or ext. 658
Tammy Lemley, Vice President or ext. 650

Operations / Station Services
Sherry Jones, Director of Station Services or ext. 665
Ryan McKenna, New Media and Client Services Manager or ext. 659
Bob Tebo, Senior Producer and Consumer Radio Network Manager or ext. 668
Eric Jon Magnuson, Production Manager and Webmaster or ext. 664
June Thornton, Publicist or ext. 662

Finance and Administration
Tom Kajubi, Director of Finance and Administration or ext. 641

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Phone: 202/243-0592 | Fax: 202/243-0594 | General e-mail: