Case Studies

Health and Medical

Barkley Evergreen & Partners
Rob Lowe’s grandmother and great-grandmother both had breast cancer,
making him a perfect RadioTour spokesperson to highlight Lee National
Denim Day and breast cancer research.

Reach: 15 interviews, 12.8 million gross impressions.

West Glen
Timed to coincide with Mental Illness Awareness Week, this NewsFeed not
only created awareness of the 10 million Americans who suffer from Social
Anxiety Disorder, but also mentioned New York State Psychiatric Institute
statistics and FDA-approved Paxil.

Reach: 400 contacts, over 200 airings and 1 million gross impressions.

Nemec, Inc.
A RadioTour during National Cholesterol Education Month hit radio giants
USA Network and Radio America. Olive oil was cited as a healthy
ingredient in diets that reduce risk for heart disease.

Reach: 13 interviews, 6.9 million gross impressions.

American Optometric Association
Airing during National Diabetes Month, the AOA ConsumerFeature
reported on “What You Should Know About Diabetic Retinopathy.”

Reach: 1,900 airings, 4.9 million gross impressions.

Feinstean Kean Partners
This RadioTour crossed formats – health and sports – with former NFL
kicker Rolf Benirschke talking about the “Keep Up the Fight Campaign”
and hepatitis C.

Reach: 15 interviews, 6.4 million gross impressions.

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