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We do radio and then some:

When you want to reach a Spanish-speaking audience…
All North American Network radio PR techniques are available in Spanish. Because Hispanics are a rapidly growing part of the radio universe, Spanish language radio news services often have much higher success rates than traditional English broadcasts. Here are some reasons why Spanish language radio is important in the US (Compiled from US Bureau of the Census, M Street Journal, 1998 Strategy Research Corporation and KHM):

  • Hispanics have the highest estimated population growth rates
  • In the Top 15 markets, 1 in 4 people are Hispanic
  • The number of Hispanic radio outlets has more than tripled
    in recent years
  • There are now over 650 Spanish language stations and networks
    on the air The Hispanic population spends three hours more a week listening to radio than the national average

Please check out Our Websites for more information on, the only site dedicated to Spanish-language radio stations.

When you want to reach out directly over the Internet with creative programming… Podcasting is the latest trend to hit the Internet and the radio PR landscape. We can help you capture the technique and use it effectively for image development and outreach. Our more than 20 years of radio experience, and more than 10 years’ practice putting audio programming on the Internet via, makes us the most qualified for developing and distributing Podcasts. We also have a site devoted to podcasts - - and regularly contribute content to iTunes and other podcast sources.

RADIO MEDIA BUYING - Grassroots outreach
When you have an advertising campaign and want radio's reach…
Covering the country with ads is easy. Reaching the right outlets is key. We can help you develop a strategic plan to cover just the markets and formats for your intended audience. As experienced media buyers, we utilize our strong relationships with stations to get you the most value for your ad dollars. Plus we know the stations in both big and small markets. You can trust us to target specific congressional districts and to reach special demographics. No medium covers the country like radio and nobody knows local radio like North American Network.

When you have a meeting or event you want radio coverage for…
You may have already invited the press, but want to make sure your spokespeople get recorded for radio, on location. North American Network has covered conventions for the National Governors' Association and National Catholic Educational Association, recording soundbites and distributing audio "real-time" to radio stations. We have experienced reporters on staff that help capture the spirit and energy of the event, and distribute your messages to the right audiences.

NewsLine, BiteLine, Quote-on-Call - When you want your messages available to radio personnel over a toll-free hotline… Telephone-delivered news services (newslines) provide a convenient way to distribute regular reports or sound bites to radio outlets. North American Network's telephone-delivered news services are called NewsLine, BiteLine and Quote-on-Call. Stations access broadcast-quality audio of reports and clips by dialing toll-free numbers. Calls are tracked and included in reports.

When you have a "soft news" or consumer message and limited budget for quick, national distribution… Our newest radio PR technique combines the quick response of an ANR with an economical, national distribution, plus precise 60-second production. RadioFeatures are news features distributed via satellite to hundreds of radio outlets for immediate airplay - usually within two weeks. We can write, produce and distribute RadioFeatures quickly and inexpensively to a wide national audience. RadioFeatures can also be tied closely to print PR campaigns.

When you want to see results… For all of North American Network's radio PR services, you receive broadcast reports. Typically, a preliminary report is delivered the day a service is completed, with a final report sent 10-20 business days after distribution. Depending on the service, usage information is included with station and network AQH (average quarter hour) audience figures, market, city, and format data.

When you want us to think "outside the (boom) box…" Everything involved with the radio news services and radio PR techniques we specialize in can be broken down and provided separately. Whatever your internal- and external-communications needs are, we have lots to offer - and would love to help. Here are some sample ideas of areas where we might aid or add to your existing efforts:

  • Writing: If you have one too many tasks of your own, you can trust us to write like a true advocate.
  • Data: Save time and frustration by getting a current radio list — one that's updated daily — from us.
  • Studio: We can record, digitally edit and produce broadcast audio and programming, long or short format.
  • Voice: From voice-mail to radio spots, we have friendly, professional male and female voices.
  • Translation: Our Spanish-speaking staff is at your service for proofreading or translating in both directions.

The company you already trust can be a solutions provider for communicating to any constituency: internal or external, local or national. Most projects can be billed at an hourly rate and turned around in 3-5 business days.

For more examples, see our Case Studies.

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