An audio news release (ANR) is a 60-second audio report with a news angle or "hook," and includes a sound bite or actuality from a company spokesperson or industry expert. North American Network's ANR service is called a NewsFeed. We quickly write a script, target news outlets and produce the audio. NewsFeeds are pitched and distributed immediately and directly to newsrooms, and are used in radio station and network newscasts.

The NewsFeed service includes:

  • Writing the script and translation into Spanish if necessary
  • Full audio production of the 60-second report in English or Spanish
  • Station and network targeting to any area of the country and
    to any format
  • Persuasive, personalized pitch calls to news directors
    and assignment editors
  • Telephone, fax and e-mail transmission of report to accepting outlets
  • Follow-up calls to verify the usage of the report
  • Broadcast tracking, and a Broadcast Usage Report

The NewsFeed service also includes placement of audio and text on RadioSpace™. Check out the latest postings at:

NewsFeeds are available in Spanish

Hear a sample!
Brodeur Worldwide's use of a NewsFeed for IBM was focused on specific markets and used a "local hook" to generate interest.

For more examples, see our Case Studies.

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