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When you want to harness the latest technology to distribute audio…
North American Network has pioneered the use of the Internet for distributing audio and other news and consumer information to radio stations, via RadioSpace, our site on the World Wide Web. We also recently launched a Spanish-language version, RadioEspacio.net. Radio stations can access and download scripts and audio of the news and information from all our services. Radio personnel can also find out about interview availabilities and gather prep material from various sources linked from RadioSpace and RadioEspacio. Both sites also have links to sponsoring organizations' home pages. All audio is broadcast-ready and can be quickly accessed using the latest audio technology.

RadioSpace.com is known by radio stations and networks as "Radio's Home on the Internet." The site receives over 80,000 download "hits" each month and is heavily promoted to radio professionals.

RadioEspacio.net is the first and only Spanish-language site specifically dedicated to providing news and features to the over 650 Spanish-language radio stations in the U.S. Launched November 2001, RadioEspacio.net has dozens of news stories and PSAs updated regularly.

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