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We are radio experts and a radio resource for you. We can also direct you to other sources of statistics and information useful in justifying the choice of radio for your outreach projects.

Radio is the most popular medium, especially in the morning according to this USA Today survey:

USA Today Quick Question Results (1/31/2001)
"What do you listen to in the morning?"

Quick statistics from the National Association of Broadcasters:

National Association of Broadcasters

Did You Know...

  • Radio reaches 77% of people over the age of 12 everyday
  • People over the age of 12 listen to radio over 3.5 hours daily
  • Radio reaches over 95% of consumers weekly
  • Car radio reaches four of five adults each week
  • There are over 13,000 radio stations in the U.S.

Radio makes more impact and is more memorable than other media, especially when in non-advertising settings.

From Radio Today

  • Radio continues to be one of the most popular and pervasive forms of media among Americans
  • Radio is the ideal medium for reaching across all segments of the American population anytime or anyplace

Research shows listeners remember what they hear on radio…

From Radio Marketing Guide & Fact Book

* Radio demonstrates a distinctive edge in key message communication

Other resources from North American Network

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