Radio media tours allow a spokesperson to be interviewed by several radio outlets in different media markets within a few hours. North American Network's radio media tour service is called a RadioTour. Interviews are via telephone with radio reporters, news producers or talk show hosts, are either live or taped, and last 5-10 minutes each. We target radio outlets for size, region and format, book interviews and prepare and supply background materials for interviewers.

The RadioTour service includes:

  • Station and network targeting
  • Writing press release and suggested interview questions
  • Interview scheduling
  • Mailing media kits
  • Teleconference costs
  • Moderating the interviews
  • Comprehensive broadcast tracking, a Broadcast Usage Report
  • Recording of interviews

RadioTours are available in Spanish.

Hear a sample!
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Adam Sandler himself requested radio - including college stations - to promote his feature film with New Line Cinema. His RadioTour helped Little Nicky open #2 at the box office.

For more examples, see our Case Studies.

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