Case Studies

Special Interest

Nuclear Energy Institute
To enlist support for the vote on Yucca Mountain, NEI utilized both a
NewsFeed and RadioTour. Spokespersons included Bruce Josten from the
U.S. Department of Commerce.

Reach: 200 NF contacts, 25 RT interviews, over 40 million total gross impressions.

Immigration and Naturalization Service
The INS utilized both a NewsFeed and RadioTour to reach both Spanishand
English-speaking audiences with green-card renewal information.

Reach: 300 NF contacts, 24 RT interviews, 7.8 million total gross impressions.

Anheuser Busch
As part of National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, this Daybreak
Fax educated listeners about how American colleges are making great
progress in reducing irresponsible drinking by students.

Reach: 1,200 contacts, 760 potential airings and 1.6 million potential gross impressions.

The Wilderness Society
Known as “the Father of Earth Day,” Senator Gaylord Nelson helped
celebrate its 30th anniversary and explain the purpose behind the original
event with a RadioTour.

Reach: 10 interviews, 1.3 million gross impressions.

Screen Actors Guild
Frasier co-star David Hyde Pierce rallied support for actors, “many of
whom are responsible for the best commercials on television.” His
RadioTour explained the SAG strike and boycott with compassion and

Reach: 14 interviews, 13.7 million gross impressions.

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